About Us

History and foundation

Mobil-El was founded on August 3, 2005.

For 14 years with proven professional and technical capability, we are aiming for success, we are loyal, trusted, innovative and professional towards our existing as well as new customers.

Mobil-El offers services and performance like:

  • Preparation of a certificate of compliance with respect to meeting the minimum requirements for energy efficiency
  • Making an energy passport
  • Transmission lines and transformers
  • Antenna pillars
  • Excavations
  • Protective grounding
  • Solar energy
  • Weak installations

Our team

A relaxed work atmosphereNo nervousnessWe work as best we can

Our goals

Satisfied customerConfidentialityQualityFast serviceProfessional training and upgrading of our teamYes, we have the answer to every questionReduction of working hours


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